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Green Technology

From our ultra fuel-efficient trucks and refrigeration units, to our sophisticated tracking, mapping, planning, and communications software and equipment, Hirschbach is helping to shape the future of transportation technology.

Customized Transportation Solutions

We offer refrigerated, dedicated, and specialized services tailor-made to meet your complete range of transportation needs.

Roll With The Best

Join our team and become a professional driver in our company fleet, as a lease purchase operator, or an owner operator.

Innovative Transportation Solutions –
That’s How We Roll

Hirschbach is a privately owned carrier that has delivered state-of-the-art transportation solutions for over 80 years. Our fleet is among the newest, most environmentally friendly and fuel efficient in the trucking industry. We offer various types of transportation services including refrigerated, dedicated, and specialized. Our primary markets extend from the midwest to and from the south, southeast, and northeast Hirschbach is a company built on strong relationships with our family of customers, drivers, employees, vendors, and partner carriers. We welcome you to join our family!

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Jeff Wright Hirschbach driver since 2012

“I’ve been on the road over 27 years, and drove for four or five other companies before I started at Hirschbach and I got to tell you I love it here. At a lot of other places you’re just a truck number, but at Hirschbach they treat you like a person, like family really. I’ve got a great relationship with everyone over here. And I’ve never made as much money working at any other company as I’ve made driving for Hirschbach. They give you great equipment, free satellite radio and TV, safety and fuel bonuses every quarter, and all kinds of driver programs. I mean they really look out for you.”

Our Services

Refrigerated Services

Hirschbach offers experienced, refrigerated truckload services to all 48 states – with a special focus on high-density lanes throughout the eastern U.S. 

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Dedicated Services

Hirschbach provides a complete range of customized, dedicated transportation solutions that offer benefits like higher service levels with dedicated drivers, controlled capacity with lane flexibility, and freight cost management with coordinated partner to driver equipment. 

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Specialized Services

Hirschbach can provide a wide range of innovative specialized solutions for your non-traditional trucking needs, including custom-tailored yard management services (YMS), facility-to-facility/high volume moves, heavy haul movements, assigned drivers and equipment at locations, and warehousing/cold storage. 

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