HIrschbach Joins National Run on Less Roadshow

(September 7, 2017) - Hirschbach is joining the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) in Run on Less, a first-ever cross-country roadshow that launches September 6 and ends September 24. Run on Less will showcase how trucking fleets are teaming up professional truck drivers with greener vehicle designs and equipment to improve fuel economy, contribute to cleaner air, and save money.

“Hirschbach is committed to saving fuel and money, supporting our drivers and helping the environment,” said John Vesey, Hirschbach's Operations Support Manager. “Opportunities to join NACFE’s Run on Less and EPA’s SmartWay program complement our corporate values, strengthen the industry, and create partnerships that help us all to succeed.”

Hirschbach has been a SmartWay partner since 2008 and has been recognized for its performance as an excellence award recipient and as a high performer, setting an example for other fleets through its investment in fuel saving technologies, driver training, incentive programs and leadership.

When asked what Hirschbach’s participation in Run on Less means to SmartWay and the freight industry, Cheryl Bynum, national program director for SmartWay, replied, “Hirschbach and other SmartWay participants in Run on Less are demonstrating that saving fuel and clean air go hand-in-hand.  These trucking fleets are leading the way to a greener economy, contributing to a healthier environment while strengthening the competitiveness of our North American freight industry.”

Bradley Long, a driver with 12 years of experience, will be representing Hirshcbach in Run on Less. Long is driving a 2016 ProStar SkyRise sleeper on his normal route with an additional telematics device that sends data to the Run on Less website that the public will be able to view.

For more on Hirschbach’s commitment to clean and efficient freight, check out the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vJAGlkSkhE&feature=youtu.be!